Stewardship Prayer

Enkindle in my heart the fire of Your love 

that I may proclaim the Good News in all that I do.

Loving God

I believe that You
are the source of every blessing
and You have blessed me with
all that I have and all that I am.

Help me to joyfully enter into
the grace of giving
as well as into the
happiness of serving.

I willingly accept the challenge
of stewardship in my life,
recognizing that being a good steward
is nothing more than living an
authentic Christian lifestyle.

Dear God, I resolve to be generous
with my time, talent and treasure.
I resolve to participate fully in my faith
community -- St. Thomas Aquinas.
At times I will fall short, but with the
help of your love, I pledge to keep
trying. In so doing, I will confidently
live each day serving and loving You,
as well as my brothers and sisters, from my
heart, through Jesus Christ...