Stewardship Mission Statement



Team Definition of Stewardship:

“A steward acknowledges their many God-given gifts and in gratitude, responds to the Gospel invitation to nurture and share those gifts with others.”


  • Relying on the U.S. Bishops' statement: Stewardship, a Disciple's Response, the team will foster and promote the Church's understanding of stewardship as a way of life, which is not optional but rather central to our baptismal calling.


  • Volunteer membership with an expectation of a minimum 2-year commitment to the team.
  • Persons with the following traits:
    • Stewardship is already a way of life at some level.
    • Personal stewardship is exercised and is motivated by gratitude for God's gifts.
    • Have the ability to make the goals of stewardship viable for parishioners.
    • Belief in accountability exercised by reporting to parishioners on all aspects of the parish stewardship efforts.
  • ISU students are encouraged to participate.
  • At a meeting prior to July 1 each year there is a discernment of team Chair and an ex-officio voting member to the Pastoral Council.


  • To foster a sense of belonging to and "ownership" of our parish by all parishioners.
  • To provide education about stewardship to parish leadership/committees and to all parishioners.
  • Prepare and distribute an annual "stewardship report" to all parishioners.
  • To promote the stewardship of treasure of all parishioners by:
    • Coordinating an annual Sacrificial Giving Appeal, and
    • promoting an electronic giving option.
  • To promote the stewardship of time and talent of all parishioners through parish ministry and community building.
  • Provide an annual community-building stewardship event.
  • To evaluate the parish stewardship efforts on a regular basis to ensure viability.