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Season of Creation Prayer Service Report

Representatives from at least five different faith congregations and the city of Ames gathered outside St. Cecilia Church on a pleasant October 3rd afternoon for an Ecumenical celebration recognizing “The Earth as our Common Home".  Approximately 65 people brought their chairs to this event to listen to representatives from different faith congregations providing live music, Biblical readings, contemporary church statements on the importance of Care for Creation, and short presentations how different faith congregations and the Ames community show that care.  The afternoon service ended with quiet time to reflect on how each of us might show care for creation. Their thoughts were shared in commitment cards to pursue the actions summarized below. See photos here.

  • Look for and buy fair trade labeled goods (7).
  • Minimize use of plastic (8).
  • Compost or participate in city recycling of food waste (14).
  • Make greater effort to listen to others (8).
  • Repair clothes and/or buy second-hand (4).
  • Recycle glass, paper… (6).
  • Purchase SunSmart Power Packs from the City of Ames for their church or home (2).
  • Advocate for protection of the planet through education, political action, participate in city climate action planning  (8).
  • Bike, walking, or carpool as an alternative to driving alone (3).
  • Avoid unnecessary use of resources in multiple ways (9).
  • Reduce us of pesticides, fertilizers, and watering of lawns (2).
  • Learn more; plant for birds, bees, and butterflies; promote more such Ecumenical gatherings; volunteer at Story County Conservation; “Save Bloody Run” (1 each).

Saint Thomas Aquinas Social Justice Committee

In 2020/21, the Committee is meeting via Zoom, generally the first Tuesday of the month at 6:30 or 7:00 p.m. We welcome your attendance.  Please email chuckglatz@msn.com with your name and email contact to request the link.

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