Honduras Ministry

Dulce Nombre de María, in Dulce Nombre, Copan, Honduras


Honduras Ministry Logo

The Honduras Ministry Committee was created as the body responsible for facilitating the building of a partner parish relationship between the people of St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Church, Ames, Iowa, USA, and the people of Dulce Nombre de María Parish in the Diocese of Santa Rosa de Copán, Copán, Honduras.

Mission Statement

God calls us to walk with the people of Santa Rosa de Copán, to build relationships with them. We are present with them, will help as we can, but primarily we seek to learn about life from their experience and perspective. We will listen and be supportive.

We seek educate the people of St. Thomas Aquinas parish about the people of Honduras, and especially the Catholics of Santa Rosa De Copán.

We will support our representative John Donaghy in prayer, and in presence as he walks in their midst.

Who is our sister parish?

Dulce Nombre de María is a parish in the diocese of Santa Rosa de Copán, Honduras.  The parish is made up of approximately fifty villages.  The main parish church is located in Dulce Nombre de Copán.

The pastor, Padre German Navarro, visits each of the villages at least once every two months.  Most Sundays, masses are celebrated in at least five different locations.

Most villages have “Delegates of the Word” who lead Sunday Celebrations of the Word in their communities. The parish also recently added 15 new extraordinary ministers of Communion. They come from twelve different places in the parish, and bring the number up to 29 ministers for the parish. A main part of this ministry is to visit the sick and the aged. Deacon John Donaghy also leads Celebrations with Communion several Sundays each month, in different communities.

Similar to small groups at STA, base communities within the villages meet regularly to pray and reflect.  They use material based on the Sunday readings, developed by two priests and a deacon in the diocese.

Faith Formation is also one of the priorities of the parish leaders so that they can continue to help form the people in the widely scattered parish.  Many of the formation sessions are held in the meeting room at the church in Dulce Nombre de Copán.  Many must travel to get to these training sessions.  Donations from STA help subsidize the cost of these trainings.


Committee Meetings

Regular committee meetings are on the 2nd Tuesday of each month at 7pm at St. Thomas Aquinas Church.  Meeting Room locations are posted on the STA Calendar. Check the parish calendar for any changes to this schedule.  Guests and new members welcome at any time!


Honduras Ministry Committee Meeting Notes

Honduras Committee  2-5-19

Present:  Diane, Monica, Brandon, & Tom

Diane started with a prayer. 

Tom had asked that we review the Honduras page on the STA website to update it.

Together we looked at all the areas on the page.

We updated the members, and reviewed the mission statement and all links on the page.

Tom will look into archiving the OLD minutes.

We will add some information about programs we support.

We also talked about keeping the parish updated on the happenings in the parish regularly.

We will also attempt to meet on the 2nd Tuesday at 7 PM, after the Coffee meeting, but will vary when members have conflicts

We adjourned.

--Next meeting:  March 5, 2019 – 6:30 PM


Honduras Committee  1-15-19

Present:  Diane, Monica, Sheryl, Brandon, & Emily

Diane started with a prayer.

--Diane:  Reported that Net had sent the $3100 that John had requested for Maestro en Casa and she had also sent the first quarter parish support. It saves on wire fees when we send money together.

We talked about the balance in the Honduras fund.  After those payments and allowing for the money earmarked for the parish coffee building, there is still a large amount in the fund.  With that in mind Diane shared an email from regarding 2 possible areas of funding.

                From John’s email:

As for needs, there are two things I’d like the committee to consider.

First of all, about 33 young people (7th grade and up) are in a special program of five years free education in two places near Tegucigalpa run by a group of sisters (founded by a priest from the US). The children have to pass a test and be from really poor families. They live at two different places (one for girls, the other for boys). They get a good education as well as training in cooking, carpentry, soldering, and more. The girls learn how to swim (since there is a pool where they live and study). But the biggest cost is transporting the kids from here to Tegucigalpa. In a bus this is several hundred dollars. The trip is only three times a year – when they begin the school year in January, for a June break, and for the end of the school year in December. If STA could provide a subsidy for each trip (about $400), that would be great.

Secondly, this is more a personal project. A good friend (whom many of those who have visited here have met) established a school for teaching English in Santa Rosa which is going very well. He is willing to come out on Sundays, with another teacher, to teach English to kids in Plan Grande. If we can find a way to subsidize the costs (mostly of the books) as well as his travel costs that would be good I don’t know how much it would be but my guess is that travel costs would be about $10 per week (at most), but I don’t know the cost of books. If you can agree to help, I’ll let you know costs as soon as I can.

We proceeded to discuss each item.  We were encouraged that 33 young people are able to further their education.  We recognize that this is quite the opportunity for them, but it is expensive to get the group from the parish to Tegucigalpa.  We feel that to help with this expense is a good support of the parish’s young people who are gaining an education and learning valuable skills. So YES we will help with the transportation costs.

The second area would be to subsidize the costs of some classes to teach English to a group of people.  We all felt that was also a very worthy project.  John will let us know more about costs.  But we are willing to help with the books for the class members and the transportation costs for the teachers who are volunteering their time.

I will let John know of these positive answers from the committee

We closed with a prayer.

--Next meeting:  Feb 5, 2019 – 6:30 PM



Core Committee Members
  • Diane Lyon, resident chair
  • Carl Bern
  • Sheryl Montabon
  • Monica Reinken
  • Brandon Walls
  • Jean-Pierre Taoutel
  • Emily Seibel
  • New members and guests welcome to meetings at any time.