Eucharist celebrates our life together as community, the presence of Christ in our midst. It also recognizes Christ's presence in the Word that is proclaimed and explained, in the priest who presides, and in the actual body and blood of Christ that we consume during communion. We celebrate our unity with Christ in communion and service.


Celebration of First Holy Eucharist

First Communion preparation is offered in addition to regular religious education classes. Parent(s) and child are invited to attend these sessions together to best prepare for the reception of the sacrament. Celebration of First Communion usually occurs at a regularly scheduled parish Mass in the spring.

Instruction for First Communion is not grade specific, but offered as early as second grade.However, this depends on the child's readiness which must include a sufficient familiarity with the nature of the Eucharist to participate actively and with awareness.

Please refer to this year's sacramental preparation

Our parish maintains a clothing bank of dress clothes for boys and girls appropriate for their First Communion Mass. First Communion families are welcome to use these items at no cost. To look at items in the clothing bank inventory go HERE, or contact Jen Weyers ( Coordinator of Faith Formation, at 515-292-3810.