Called to Be a Catechist?

Is God calling you to be a catechist? Hopefully this page will help you to discern this calling...

What is a Catechist? 


  • genuinely care for the students and be willing to give of yourself for their good.
  • a  love of Christ and a desire to grow and share our wonderful faith
  • an awareness of God's grace and a desire to know that grace
  • a commitment to the Church's liturgical and sacramental life and moral teachings
  • a strength of character built on patience, respect, confidence, and creativity
  • generosity of spirit, respect for diversity, and a habit of hospitality and inclusion

Knowledge and Skill:

  • a basic understanding of Catholic teaching, Scripture and Tradition (key word "basic", we will help to form you and equip you)
  • honest and caring relationships with age group being served
  • effective teaching techniques and strategies


  • Attend class when scheduled.
  • Prepare a weekly or bi-weekly lesson plan with your co-catechist. Textbooks and all other resources that are needed are supplied. Help or advice is always available.
  • Manage the classroom, including care for the safety of the children.
  • Attend 1 in-service each semester (2 total for the year), as well as watch 2 webinars related to being a catechist.
  • Prepare a summary of what happened in the classroom that can be emailed to parents. 
  • Complete necessary paperwork and Protection of Children requirements. See here: 

Compensation is available for every class taught and in-service attended. For more information please contact the Director of Evangelization Joe Weyers or the Faith Formation Coordinator Jen Weyers at  Both can also be reached at the parish offices, 515-292-3810.  

Still discerning....go here for some videos and articles that may help you discern if this is something God is calling you to.