4th Sunday of Lent

Sunday, March 22, 2020
Fr. Kyle
Homily transcription: 

Today we hear this gospel reading of the healing of blind man.  Perhaps our eye sight is 20/20 but I would like to encourage us to examine our spiritual vision.  The Italians have a great phrase when the speak of “occhi della fede”; to see with the eyes of faith.  I would like to suggest that, at a time like this with COVID-19 and so many things changing every day, it is easy to become blinded by fear and blinded by anxiety of what might happen.  We cannot see into the future.  But can we see with the eyes of faith? 

Quite frankly, I have been encouraged and edified by people and how they are looking at this time not with eyes of fear but with the eyes of faith as an opportunity:

-        A mother mentioned that her family often times just runs around from one even to another.  Now with so many events cancelled they can actually have quality time for a family game night or dinner together.

-        A young woman mentioned that she feels bad for her dad because he loves watching sports and they are all cancelled.  But she is happy that he seems to be calling her and checking in more often.

-        If you are anything like me then perhaps our Lenten practice has gone down in a complete and total failure.  This can be an opportunity to practice greater detachment during the season.  As one meme said, “I didn’t know I was going to give us so much this Lent.”

-        One person even mentioned how difficult it was going to be to not be able to go to mass and receive the Eucharist.  But even said they were excited because it will give him greater appreciation for the Eucharist and put us in solidarity with our sister and brother in mission countries we might only get mass once a month or once a year. 

So, how is your spiritual vision?  Are we blinded by fear and anxiety?  Are we afraid that we cannot see into the future.  Or, as the Italians say, can we see with the “occhi della fede”; the eyes of faith?  Do we allow Christ to heal our spiritual blindness and see with the eyes of faith; to see this time of trial as an opportunity, not just a burden?  Do not underestimate the good that God can bring out of this time.  See with the eyes of faith.