22nd Sunday in Ordinary Time

Sunday, September 1, 2019
Fr. Kyle
Homily transcription: 

9-1-19 (Banquet higher/lower- discernment) 

A couple weeks ago I went to visit a convent with some young women who are discerning religious life, and just this past week, I spoke with two of our students from last year who have discerned the priesthood and entered seminary this fall.  But true discernment is not just for priests or nuns.  We are all called to have a discerning heart to ask the question, “where is God inviting me?”.

Today’s gospel we hear the parable of the banquet where the host invites guests; some take a higher place and some take a lower.  Where do you think you belong?  Where would you sit?  I would like to suggest that we can make a couple mistakes when it comes to discerning where God is inviting us. 

  1.       The first mistake is that we think we belong too high of a place and we need to be taken down a few pegs.  Sometimes we think about all the great things, we are doing and how great we are that we forget that my life is not actually about me.  Perhaps God is calling us to take a lower place and recognize that His “banquet”; His plan goes far beyond me.
  2.       The second mistake is that we suffer from false humility and we take a lower place.  We self-deprecate and convince ourselves that we are destined for a life of mediocrity.  We forget that God does not create junk; He creates masterpieces.  We may not feel comfortable taking a “higher place” but perhaps God is calling us to realize that we were not made for comfort; we were made for greatness.

So, where is God inviting you?  Discernment is not just for priests and nuns.  We are all invited to live with a discerning heart open to Christ.  As we prepare to receive the Eucharist; as we are invited to the banquet of Christ’s body and blood.  May we approach that banquet with open hearts willing to hear and answer His call.