Easter Sunday

Sunday, April 21, 2019
Fr. Kyle
Homily transcription: 

I love St. Peter in the gospels.  Probably because that this great saint of our Church is so human!  Peter is so much like us and yet he is this great saint. 

What was going through Peter’s mind on that first Easter morning seems to be a lot of what goes through a normal human’s mind about Easter.  In the gospel we hear that the women who discovered the empty tomb told Peter about it, “but their story seemed like nonsense and [he] did not believe them”.  We hear the story of Jesus’ resurrection but do we actually believe it?  Most of the time I think we treat it like a nice historical story or a fairytale.  If we are honest, then we are not unlike Peter and we don’t really believe it.

Despite this doubt, Peter still “got up and ran to the tomb”.  He did not just sit in complacency.  He did not allow himself to be controlled by doubt.  He decided to get off his butt and check this whole thing out.  Like Peter, we must not just sit in our complacency in life.  We must not be shackled by our doubt.  Sure, it’s nice to come to mass on Easter and sit in a pew, but that is not enough if we just leave those doors and go back to our complacency and mediocrity.  Like Peter, we need to get up; to get off our butts; to discover the risen Christ; to encounter him in our daily lives.

What happens to Peter is utter transformation.  This is Peter’s own sort of resurrection.  The stones of his doubt, his sinful past and even his weakness is rolled away.  Peter is free from the trap of complacency and begins a new live of freedom and joy.  A life that we are invited to as well. 

Perhaps I love Peter’s story so much because his story IS our story.  What Peter experienced is what we are invited to experience.  We are not just here to hear some fun story from 2000 years ago and treat it like a fairy tale.  We are here to become a part of story.  To get off our butts and to encounter Christ for ourselves!  Easter is an opportunity for us to begin our own transformation and resurrection.  May we run with Peter to encounter Christ; to have the stones of doubt, a sinful past and even weakness rolled away and discover the freedom, beauty and joy of new life in Christ.