Good Friday

Friday, April 19, 2019
Fr. Kyle
Homily transcription: 

What was going on in Jesus’ mind and heart as he hung upon the cross.  Because he is both human and divine, it is a bit of a mystery; however, there are some things we can say for sure.

The fact that Jesus was fully human means that he would have experienced the pain of the nails in his hands and feet, the pain of gasping for his next breath and even the emotional pain of being rejected and abandoned.  As fully human he would have also experienced the consolation of seeing the love of his mother Mary and John at the foot of the cross.

But Jesus was also fully divine which means that he would have known everything on the cross.  He would have know everything in the past and known everything in the future, including you and me.  Because of his divine knowledge, Jesus would have known us and seen us while he hung upon the cross.  He would have known and seen our deepest sins and still chosen to die for us.  But he would have also seen our greatest acts and virtues; our greatest moments of loving others and loving Christ.  And this would have brought consolation in his suffering to know that his suffering was not in vain.

Today we remember Christ’s suffering and death on the cross.  But we don’t remember it like we are just going through a scrap book or history text.  We were intimately involved in this event.  We were seen and known by Christ.  We were and are present in Christ’s mind and heart.  And we are still involved in this work of salvation.  Every act of love, every act of sacrifice we choose to make out of love for others is a participation in the cross of Christ.