Holy Thursday

Thursday, April 18, 2019
Fr. Kyle
Homily transcription: 

To be human is to be vulnerable.  In his humility, Jesus chose to make himself vulnerable.  Why? Because he loves us.  He could have stayed in his comfy spot up in heaven.  But out of love for us, he humbled himself and allowed himself to be vulnerable.  We see that in a special way in the story of the last supper.

Jesus was allowed himself to be vulnerable to being misunderstood when he chose to humbly wash his disciples’ feet.  Peter refuses to have his feet washed because he misunderstands that Jesus does not want to be some master put up on a pedestal, he wanted to be the humble servant.

Jesus allowed himself to vulnerable to be doubted even by his closest followers.  The apostle Thomas who is with Jesus at the last supper will later be the one to doubt that he is risen from the dead.  Even after showing great love and even miracles, Jesus is still doubted.

Most famously, Jesus allowed himself to be vulnerable to being rejected and betrayed.  On of Jesus’ own hand chosen apostles would later betray him for 30 pieces of silver.

Why would he allow himself to be vulnerable to being misunderstood, doubted and even betrayed?  Because that vulnerability was necessary in order for him to show us his love.  Human love requires us to make ourselves vulnerable.  Our acts service can be misunderstood, our goodness doubted and our love betrayed. 

I’m going to be completely honest with you.  One of the most vulnerable feelings I have ever had was when the bishop asked me to come to Ames to be pastor of STA.  He was asking me to be uprooted from everything I knew and had grown comfortable with to go to a place I was not familiar with and to people that I didn’t know and did not know me.  Would I be misunderstood?  Would I be doubted?  Would I even be rejected?  My only consolation was the thought that if ya’l would put up with Fr. Seda for so long you would probably be able to put up with me.  But the human experience of vulnerability of coming to a new parish were well worth it!  Even more, it was necessary for me to experience the beauty of what I have experienced over the past year.  To fall in love with this parish family and to be loved in return.  A kind of love that is only possible IF we choose to make ourselves vulnerable.

At the last supper, Jesus gives his apostles a mandate.  And he gives it to us as well.  To do as he has done.  To make ourselves vulnerable enough to truly love and serve others.  Will we be misunderstood?  Will we be doubted?  Could we even be rejected and betrayed?  Maybe.  But that is risk we are willing to take for the sake of being vulnerable enough to experience what it is to truly love and be loved in return.