Palm Sunday

Sunday, April 14, 2019
Fr. Kyle
Homily transcription: 

The Palm Sunday story is a strange story.  Imagine yourself in the shoes of the disciples when Jesus tells you to go an bring him a colt, and if anyone questions it, just to tell them “the master has need of it…”  I would begin to thing that Jesus was turning too much water into wine or something with this strange request.  But perhaps the strangest thing is that he says “the Master has need of it.”

The master has NEED of it… But does God need anything?  God is all powerful.  God does not need our praise or acclaim.  God can do anything he wants so God does not need us to do anything.  Rather, God chooses to need us.  He chooses to rely and depend on us.  He chooses to invite us to be a part of his story of love.  God chooses to invite us into the mystery of salvation. 

Let me give you an example.  I love to talk to marriage couples about how God chooses them to be co-creators with Him.  God is the ultimate Creator and he knows how awesome it is to create through the power of love.  But I imagine him telling couples, “hey, this creation thing is amazing!  I want you to experience what it is like.  I want you to see the beauty and joy of your love and invite you to experience being a co-creator with me.”  The master has need of married couples.  God chooses to need us.

Each of us are gifted in some way.  No matter what our state in life, married or single; rich or poor; White Sox fan or Twins fan.  No matter what situation we are in, we are blessed with some gift.   Why?  Because the master has need of us in the story of His love. 

Sometimes we can convince ourselves that God gives us gifts and we can use these gifts for ourselves.  We can use these gifts to get into a good university.  We can use our gifts to achieve success.  We can use our gifts to make a lot of money.  But perhaps most important is that the master has need of our gifts.  God chooses to give us these gifts because he wants to invite us into the mystery of His love and salvation. 

As we enter into this Holy Week, we are invited into the mystery of salvation.  We are not just called to be spectators.  Like the donkey in our opening Gospel, God is untying us from our sins and attachments, he is seeking to set us free.  Why?  Because the master has need of us.