5th Sunday of Lent, Year C

Sunday, April 7, 2019
Fr. Kyle
Homily transcription: 

The only thing that can free us from our misery is mercy.  Being trapped in a life of sin is a life of misery; it can literally become a living hell.  The woman in today’s gospel is an example of this.  She experiences the misery of being trapped in her life of sin; she is weighed down by shame and despair and she is even condemned by others.  Jesus frees her from this misery by his mercy.

I Latin, the word for mercy is Misericordia which is a combination of two words.  “Miseriae”, which means misery.  And “Cordia” which means heart. 

  1.       The true nature of God’s Misericordia or mercy is to have a heart that enters into our misery.  It’s not merely about getting rid of our sins.  It’s not just about escaping guilt and shame.  It’s about God’s love which is so great that his mercy reaches into the depths of our human misery and suffering and brings healing, redemption and restoration of our heart. 
  2.       We too are called to have this misericordia for others.  Everyone, and I mean everyone we meet is suffering in some way.  We all try to put on a good face and pretend like everything is fine.  But everyone we meet is hurting in some way.  We are called to love like God, to act with misericordia. When our hearts are loving enough to enter into the misery of another when we seek to bring healing and peace into that pain and suffering, we love like God in His mercy.

We, like the woman caught in adultery, are sinners and so we too experience the misery of being trapped in sin and shame.  We experience the misery of recognizing that we fall short of what we ought to be.  Yet God’s mercy is so much bigger.  We experience the misery of our sin.  We all suffer from the human condition of weakness and sinfulness.  But today’s gospel brings the good news that God’s mercy is so much bigger; that freedom is possible.  We are filled with the hope that the thing that there is freedom from our misery in God’s mercy.