3rd Sunday in Lent, Year C

Sunday, March 24, 2019
Fr. Kyle
Homily transcription: 

If you ever want to go to Rome, the first thing you should do is buy me a plane ticket to go with you.  I would be happy to show you some of my favorite sights including some great marble sculptures of Moses, Mary and the apostles.  It is said that when the great sculptor Michelangelo would look at a chunk of marble, he wouldn’t see just a big hunk of stone.  He would see the masterpiece hidden within that he wanted to set free.  For Michelangelo, then, sculpting was not his own creation.  It was the process of chipping away the rough edges and smoothing the jagged corners to set the masterpiece free.

Repentance is about us being set free from our rough edges and jagged corners of our life.  All too often, we think repentance is about feeling bad about our sins and failings.  But at the very heart of repentance is being able to see past our rough edges and sins and discover the masterpiece within.  Repentance is about admitting that we are works in progress and giving ourselves over to God so he can chip and smooth away our rough edges and complete His masterpiece.

In today’s gospel, Jesus puts a big emphasis on the need for us to repent.  Lent is a season where we repent and believe in the gospel.  Sometimes people ask me why I think so many people come to Ash Wednesday mass.  We saw almost 3000 people here at STA to start this Lenten season.  And I don’t think its just because everyone wants to feel bad about their sins.  But I think it is because of the need for true repentance that Jesus speaks about in today’s gospel.  I think it’s because we recognize the masterpiece hidden within our rough edges and sins.  And Lent gives us an invitation to be set free.