The Nativity of Our Lord, Year C

Tuesday, December 25, 2018
Fr. Kyle
Homily transcription: 

Whenever hearing this Christmas gospel reading, I cannot help but think that one of the greatest suckers of all time has got to be the innkeeper.  I mean, the joy of the birth of the savior was on his doorstep.  It could have been his place where God came to earth.  He could have experienced the beauty of the birth of Christ 1st hand.  But, as we here in the gospel, there was no room in the inn.  What a sucker! 

That being said, I don’t think he is the only sucker who has missed out on the joy of Christ over the last 2000 years.  And so, I would like to explore the question of why there was no room in the inn 2000 years ago and if we tend to be suckers like the inn keeper. 

  1.       The inn was already full.  Similarly, we may tend to “fill” our lives with all kinds of things which leaves no room for Jesus.  We can tend to place our priorities in many different things which can leave little energy, space or time for Christ in our life.  Like the innkeeper, we become suckers whose lives are too full to include the joy that Christ brings.
  2.       Unwilling to give up comfort.  Adding another family to an already full inn could be uncomfortable.  It could end up being cramped and uncomfortable.  Similarly, we can tend to seek comfort in our lives.  So when Christ comes along to challenge us to grow and be more.  When Christ calls us to be willing to get out of our comfort zone, we close ourselves off to him because we are unwilling to give up our comfort.  But, as Pope Benedict, the XVI reminds us, we were not created for comfort, we were created for greatness.
  3.       It could be awkward for the other guests.  The other guests might have to help make room for the new family and the innkeeper may have feared a possibly awkward situation.  We too are wimps in the face of awkwardness.  It’s not awkward to love Jesus when you are at church, but when we leave those doors, it can be very awkward to talk about Jesus to other people.  They might think differently of us and might feel challenged to make room for Jesus in their life.  As Catholics, we are particularly bad at talking about Jesus in our everyday lives (Jim Gaffigan bit).  Like the innkeeper, if we are too afraid of the awkwardness of Jesus then we miss out on the joy of having him in our lives.


I stand by the fact that one of the greatest suckers of all time has got to be the innkeeper.  However, I dare to say that he is not the only sucker throughout the last 2000 years.  Christmas is a time to experience the joy of Christ in our lives.  It is a time to make room for the beauty of Jesus even if it pushes us out of our comfort zone or tends to be a little awkward.  May we not become suckers like the innkeeper so that we may know the beauty and joy of Christ.