32nd Sunday in Ordinary Time, year B

Sunday, November 11, 2018
Fr. Kyle
Homily transcription: 

Today’s gospel tells us of the widow who gives all she has.  Even though it was not much, a miserable offering of two coins, Jesus was very pleased with this gift because of the great love with which she gave her whole livelihood.  We too are called to give our whole livelihood, even if it is not much, even if we are poor and miserable sinners, God wants us to offer him even our imperfections as a gift of love.  But do we have the courage to offer all we are, even our brokenness and weakness?   

A few year ago, my three year-old niece made me a card which she had hand made out of construction paper and crayons.  She handed me the card with great joy on her face and love in her heart.  As I looked at the card I saw some orange and blue blobs, a series of crayon marks in one corner that looked like chicken scratches, and her attempt to write my name.  The first two letters were indecipherable, she nailed the “L” except for the fact it was tilted to look more like a backslash, and the final letter of my name was non-existent.  Despite these mistakes this card in all of its imperfections was the most beautiful card I have ever received because my niece had given her all to make this card to show her love.  She may not have great artistic skills to draw anything other than blobs.  She may have an imperfect understanding of the alphabet and how to spell my name.  But that did not matter.  She gave it all she had to show her love and I guess it must have been dusty that day because my eyes got all watery when I looked at it. 

Now imagine for a moment if my niece would have thought to herself, “I can’t give this to Uncle Kyle because I am not a good speller” or “Uncle Kyle will probably judge me for my imperfect drawings”.  If she would have been too afraid to give me that card, then she would have deprived me of probably the most beautiful card of I have ever received, misspellings, orange blobs and all.  It was a beautiful gift from my niece because, like the woman in today’s gospel, she was giving all she had. 

How often in our life to we fail to give all we have to God because we think it is not good enough.  We think, “I’m not holy enough to be a lector or Eucharistic minister”, or “I’m not smart enough to be in a small group or bible study”, or my personal favorite “my sins are too big for God to forgive”.  God is not asking for us to be perfect right now.  He simply asks for us to give everything even if it does not seem like much. 

We must not be afraid to offer all we are to God; to say to Him, “Here I am God.  I know it’s not much and I’m full of imperfections, but I give it all to You.”  As we prepare to receive Christ’s total gift of himself to us in the Eucharist, let us ask ourselves how we might give more of ourselves for him.  How can we offer ourselves, weaknesses and imperfections and all, as a pleasing love letter to God?