31st Sunday in Ordinary Time

Sunday, November 4, 2018
Fr. Kyle
Homily transcription: 

Jesus is asked about the greatest commandment.  There are 2 primary reasons to follow fallow commandments.  

The first is out of fear of punishment.  For instance, on Halloween evening I had 7PM mass for All Saints so I just put a bucket of candy outside my front door.  I taped a sign on it that simply said, “Please take only 2 pieces so there is enough candy for everyone. Jesus is watching…”

The second reason is because this is what we were made for. You and I were made for love and it is only this love that will bring true joy. It seems paradoxical, but whenever we choose to sacrifice our own wants, choose to serve others and choose to love, we are surprised by joy.  (Example of sitting down to a plate of pasta and college football on a Saturday and getting a call to the hospital).

Jesus gives this commandment not to make us fearful of punishment if we don’t love.  He gives this commandment of love as an invitation. An invitation to true fulfillment.  An invitation to experience what we were made for. An invitation to be surprised by joy.  How we respond to this invitation is up to us.