Poiema is an interdisciplinary, interfaith artist fellowship that is sponsored by St. Thomas Aquinas Student Center at Iowa State University.  It is a collective of both student and professional artists who meet regularly throughout a cohort year for discussion and support on what it means to be an artist who is also a person of faith, yet who desire to work and dialogue in the contemporary context of the global arts community.  Both student and professional artists in the collective collaborate for a thematic showing of their work in the Ames/Iowa State University community once per cohort year. 


Poiema Fellows

All accepted student artists who apply are considered Poiema Fellows and are paid a $50 honorarium for their work in the collaborative showing.  



Student artists apply here

Professional artists, please contact Eric Evans at eric@staparish.net if you would like to be involved.  


Here are some examples of disciplines accepted: 


Visual Arts (sculpture, ceramics, textiles, painting, drawing, design, photography, etc.)  




Music Composition 



Any discipline wherein the artist is dedicated to their craft and creating something new!


Required Dates and Commitment