Prayer Network

Are you a prayer angel?

  • If you wake up and your first thought is “Good Morning God, instead of “good grief, it’s morning,” then you must be a prayer angel.
  • If you say a quick prayer when you see an ambulance or fire truck, then you must be a prayer angel.
  • If you ask God what you should pray about when you can’t sleep at night, then you are a prayer angel.
  • If you send up a quick prayer when someone’s name pops into your head unexpectedly, then you must be a prayer angel.
  • If you take time to pray before meals, even in restaurants, then you must be a prayer angel.
  • If you think of the majesty of God when you gaze upon mountains or lakes, then you must be a prayer angel.

The prayer network is made up of people who love to pray and know the power of prayer. Some say rosaries; others create their own prayers. Some come to daily Mass, others get up early to spend time with God, or seek Him late at night.

Do you know someone who would appreciate our prayers?  The Prayer Network is made up of many people who have pledged to pray for special intentions. All we ask is that the person who is being prayed for has given their permission for the information to be shared.

We will pray for anyone – parishioner or not.

Those with ongoing situations may ask to be put on a weekly list.

Prayer is at the heart of our relationship with God. It is the foundation of our faith. As a church we are stronger when we are praying for the needs of each other. The mission of the prayer network is simply that – to lift up those in need.

The Prayer Network is coordinated by Tom Budnik.

If you would like to be part of the Prayer Network – or if you need to request prayers, please contact either Tom Budnik, Coordinator of Ministries: or Don Alexander, STA secretary at 292-3810.