Coffee and Doughnuts

Coffee and Doughnuts.

Is it more than just a time to chat?  Yes. We believe this is a valuable time to build community and to share what’s going on in our lives while we enjoy refreshments together. Our tradition has been to serve coffee, doughnuts, milk and juice between the 8:30 and 10:30 am Sunday masses.

Volunteers take turns setting up the coffee and other items and cleaning up afterward.

All are encouraged to donate toward the cost of the food to keep this ministry viable.

The current coordinators of this fun ministry are Ray Bratsch-Prince and Michael Dempsey. Please watch for sign-up sheets so that you can take your turn in the breakfast nook. You may also contact Ray - or Michael at:

Online Giving is now available for Coffee and Doughnuts. Please follow the link on the home page for "Parish Giving" and look for Coffee and Doughnuts. Now you don't have to search for money each week. Just make a donation on payday! You can choose a one-time gift or to give each week or month. Your choice. Just another way we are trying to make things easier.


Surprise Sundays!

During the last year, our Finance Council requested that we look for ways to have the coffee and doughnut ministry pay for itself.

A cup has been provided in the past so that participants could contribute, but the parish has picked up the rest of the expense. Some years the shortfall has been as much as $4,000.

In an effort to make our expenses line up with the income we are using two approaches:

  1. Awareness. We understand that some families are not able to give much but we hope that others will be more generous to take up the slack.
  2. On the second Sunday each month, we’re having “Surprise Sundays,” where we’ll serve donated items instead of purchased doughnuts.

What items should you donate? Easy to serve foods, such as:

Bananas, grapes, strawberries, clementines, string cheese, muffins, bagels, banana bread, coffee cake, cookies, cupcakes or ….doughnuts. Bring whatever you would like to bring.


Remaining 2018 Surprise Sundays will be: October 14., November 11 and December 9.

Please look for the sign-up sheet at the beverage nook during coffee and doughnuts to indicate what you'd like to bring. Grab a cup of coffee and enjoy the fellowship.