Why am I an LGBT Ally?

We often have a hard time hearing the voices we need to hear in order to be faithful.

----LGBT ally


From a long-time STA Parishioner

Because it's the right thing to do. After all, we are taught that we are all God's children and all God's children have value.

Because I deplore how LGBT men, women boys, and girls are characterized by the Catholic Church. "Disordered!" What an awful term.

Because I recognize that being LGBT is not a choice and for many, it is a difficult life.

Because the Church seems to emphasize the sexual behavior of LGBT individuals rather than seeing them as total persons with diverse personalities, talents, needs, shortcomings, and strengths, just as their straight brothers and sisters.

Because I want LGBT individuals to find in STA a welcoming community.

Because I want LGBT parishioners to feel empowered to participate fully in our parish, to help strengthen our parish by sharing their time and talent.

Because I applaud the committed relationships of many LGBT men and women in our community. There is much we straight couples could learn from them about commitment, especially during adversity.

Because I recognize the contributions of our LGBT population to the Ames community, not to mention our country and world.

Because of the friendships I have had with LGBT individuals throughout my life.

Because I want LGBT individuals to know that I, a Catholic, support them.

Because I hope, somehow, that we allies can help change the way the Catholic Church or at least STA sees, understands, and treats LGBT women, men, girls, and boys.