Ministry Spotlight Guidelines



  • STA parish ministries may sign-up for a Ministry Spotlight, no more than once during the academic year (August - July).
  • The purpose of the Spotlight is to promote the parish ministry, educate parishioners about the ministry and encourage greater participation and involvement.
  • Exceptions: small group invitations and certain parish retreats or conferences decided by the parish staff.


  • Meet with your ministry members and choose a date and determine who will be available at each Mass.
  • Contact Bobby LeBlanc and schedule the weekend for your Spotlight.
  • Divide the tasks among the members: website, brochure, bulletin article, posters, nametags, table décor, etc.


  • Check the parish website:  Is information about your ministry updated and complete?
  • Design a brochure or flier and print for handout.
  • Create 11” x 17” posters about your ministry for building poster areas.
  • Send a paragraph or two for the bulletin as well as for the resident and student emails.  [Deadline for bulletin & email is Noon on Tuesday:].  [Deadline for TNL bulletin & email is Noon on Tuesday:].
  • Have nametags made for each member who will be representing your ministry.


  • Send Michael Steimel a brief but complete announcement about your ministry. This will be read by the reader, with the exception of previously mentioned exceptions, but will be given priority over other announcements. It is due to Michael before noon on the Friday preceding the weekend it is to be announced. He may edit for brevity and clarity.
  • The purpose of the announcement is simply to announce what ministry is at the spotlight table and invite those interested to stop by the table after Mass for information.


  • Contact the parish office about any special table needs, easels or for a TV.
  • Special brochure stands for the building exits are available upon request.


  • The Spotlight must be presented at all Masses during the weekend.
  • Set up table in front of the Head of Christ.
  • Easels or a large screen TV are available (request prior to the weekend).
  • Your table should be attractive and appealing – something parishioners would want to walk up to and pick up information from.
  • Bring your fliers or brochures and nametags.
  • Brochures can also be put at exits to catch those who don’t want to stop at your table. 
  • Before and after Masses, get in to the traffic flow and greet people.  Draw people in to your ministry table. Talk to anyone stopping by the table.  Smile. Joy is contagious.

Questions?  Contact Bobby LeBlanc