Parking Team Procedures

Hospitality ministers serve on behalf of the community. They make people feel welcome and comfortable, from the moment they steer their vehicles into the parking structure. It is a service to the community undertaken by those whose faith calls them beyond themselves to “be for others.”  Be welcoming—smile!


Parking Team personnel may be 8:30 Massgoers staying until the start of 10:30 Mass, or 10:30 attendees.


Before Mass:

1. Arrive 25 minutes before mass begins. Wear your nametag. Check your cell phone with your parking team-mates.


2. Two people work the upper Ash parking lot: one at the entrance, one among the open parking spots.


3. One or two people work the lower Lynn parking: at or near the exit and/or among the parking spaces there.


4. Greet people at the entrances, and monitor when both levels are full. When the parking structure is filled, place the orange “full” cones at the structure entrances.


5. If the parking structure is not filled, and it is 10:30, the Parking Team is free to go to Mass or to go home.


If needed, during Mass:

1. Other HM’s may need assistance seating people in the church, especially if the parking structure filled early.


After Mass:

1. Return the orange cones to the hospitality closet. If you won’t be at STA at the end of Mass, coordinate this duty with someone on the Hospitality Team inside.