Music Ministry

Welcome to St. Thomas Aquinas Music Ministry!  Our parish has a strong tradition of music and assembly singing!  

We have four masses each weekend with each having its own music group that includes cantors/singers, keyboardist(s) on piano and/or organ, and instrumentalists (flute, clarinet, trumpet, violin, etc.).  Our music groups welcome youth 6th grade through youngsters 110 years old!  We also have Thursday Night Liturgy (TNL) that has a music group comprised of college students that rehearse prior to the liturgy.  


Please contact Cheryl or Dennis Todey, our Music MInistry Directors, with any questions or to inquire about getting involved! or 605-695-071


You may also contact the group leader of the Mass you wish to attend. 
Here is a summary of the parish music groups, their leaders, and contact info:

4:45PM Saturday: practices before Mass at 3:45PM (Jackie Comito,, Ann Staudt

8:30AM Sunday: practices at 5PM on first Wednesdays (Angi Nespor, 515 232 6683

10:30AM Sunday: practices at 7PM on Tuesdays (Donna Evans, 515 338 2097

7PM Sunday: practices before Mass at 6PM (Cheryl Todey, 605-695-0271

Thursday Night Liturgy: Thursday 9:15PM: practices before Mass at 8:15 (Olivia Griffith