Music Ministry

Welcome to St. Thomas Aquinas Music Ministry!  Our parish has a strong tradition of music and assembly singing!  

We have four masses each weekend with each having its own music group that includes cantors/singers, keyboardist(s) on piano and/or organ, and instrumentalists (flute, clarinet, trumpet, violin, etc.).  Our music groups welcome youth 6th grade through youngsters 110 years old!  We also have Thursday Night Liturgy (TNL) that has a music group comprised of college students that rehearse prior to the liturgy.  


Please contact Michael Steimel, Director of Worship, with any questions or to inquire about getting involved!, 515-292-3810

You may also contact the group leader of the Mass you wish to attend. 
Here is a summary of the parish music groups, their leaders, and contact info:

4:45PM Saturday: practices before Mass at 3:45PM (Jackie Comito,, Ann Staudt

8:30AM Sunday: practices at 5PM on first Wednesdays (Angi Nespor, 515 232 6683

10:30AM Sunday: practices at 7PM on Tuesdays (Donna Evans, 515 338 2097

7PM Sunday: practices during the week by appointment and before Mass at 6:15 PM (Michael Steimel, 515 292 3810

Thursday Night Liturgy: Thursday 9:15PM: practices before Mass at 8:15