At this time, there are no niches available in the columbarium.

Please contact the trustees for updates and more information.



            Ray Murray           Paula Friederich
            Cell: (515) 451-5100                 (515) 509-4445
            Home: (515) 382-3939    


Current Status

As of January, 2022, we have eighteen inscriptions on our columbarium wall. Inscriptions are placed on the face plate at the time of inurnment. We have no available niches. The trustees are taking names of individuals that wish to purchase a niche. The Columbarium Committee is working with the Pastoral Council to determine if a second columbarium can be built to accommodate the need.

Columbarium committee members include Ray Murry (trustee), Paula Friederich (trustee), Kathy Glatz, Joan Grabenstetter, Alan Lynch, and Glenn Sibbel

Inurnment Committee members include Jim Amfahr, Paula Friederich, Kevin Jones, Jody Melcher, Joe Melcher, Ray Murray, Gary Phye, and Glenn Sibbel.

QUESTIONS?? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions page but please note the following updates of what is on the FAQ page:

Who can be inurned? Saint Thomas members

Cost?   Cost of urn is now $80 and the Inscription cost is $165.00 plus shipping.

The brochure is being updated.

The contract detailing rules and regulations can be downloaded and submitted to reserve your place.

A history of the columbarium project.