Supple Lecture Series


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Past Lectures are listed below. Podcasts of more recent lectures may be available on the ISU lectures website, Search keyword "Supple" to find lecture descriptions, dates and other information.


      Msgr. George Higgins, “Justice in America and the Catholic Church”

      Rev. Robert Brungs, S.J., “Science, Faith, and the New Human”


      Jim Forest, “Making Friends of Enemies: A Christian Approach to Violence.”

      Professor Fred Parrella, “Marriage, Love, and God”

      Rev. Richard Dillon, “Death and Afterlife in the Scriptures”


      Doris Donnelly. “Forgiving Someone Who Hurt You”

      Sidney Callahan, “Sex and the Catholic Tradition” and a presentation at the Women’s Center on “Pro-Life Feminism”

      Dr. Janine Idziak, panelist on a discussion of “Fetal Tissue Research”


      Megan McKenna, “The Bible: What Does It Prove?”

      Fr. Lawrence Martin Jenco, “What I Learned about God as a Hostage”


      Margaret O’Brien Steinfels, “Being Catholic: Are We Different?” and a panel on “Religion and the Media”

      Bishop Walter Sullivan, “A Catholic Critique of the Christian Coalition”


      Kenneth Woodward, “Religion and the University”

      John Haught, “God after Darwin”


      Rev. Kenneth Himes, O.F.M., “How Much Is Enough? Money & the Christian Conscience”

      Rev. Robert Beck, “How the Bible Is Not True?”


      Sr. Anne Clifford, C.S.J., “Catholics and Ecology: Allies or Foes?”

      Bernard Evans, “The Changing Structure of US Agriculture: Any Room for Ethics?”

      Adolfo Perez Esquivel, “The International Debt,” Cosponsored with World Affairs Series


      Rev. Thomas Rausch, S.J., “The Future of the Catholic Church”

      Frederica Mathewes Green, “From Pro-Choice to Pro-Life: Unfolding a Woman’s Journey”

      Br. David Andrews, C.S.C., “Globalization, Agriculture, and Catholic Social Teaching”


      Rev. Michael J. Baxter, C.S.C., “The Politics of Holy Indifference – Advice to Christians in a National Election Year in a Post-Christian Nation”

      Sally Cunneen, “There’s Something about Mary: a fresh look at the Virgin Mary””

      Janel Ryan, “Care Theory and Caring Systems of Agriculture,” co-sponsored with Aeropagus Campus Ministry.


      William Cavanaugh, “The Myth of Religious Violence,” co sponsored with World Affairs Series

      Maura Ryan, “Good Sex: Intimacy, Love, and Marriage in the Christian Tradition.”

      Rev. Richard Sparks, C.S.P., “What the Catholic Church Really Teaches about Homosexuality”


      Rev. William Byron, S.J., “Ethics and Spirituality in the Workplace”

      Rev. Ed Vacek, S.J., “What Do Catholics Really Believe about Sin”


      Rev. Michael Fahey, S.J., “Salvation: Who is saved? A Catholic perspective”

      Dr. Elizabeth A. Dreyer, “What is Holy? Expanding the Horizons of the Holy”


      Rev. Séan Martin, “Catholics and the Bible: Many Ways to Understand Scripture.”

      John Haught, “God after Darwin” (co-sponsored with Collegiate Presbyterian Church)


      Rev. Bryan Massingale, “Why Look at Racism Today? A Catholic Response”


      Mark Sargent, “Law and Economics: A Catholic Critique” (co-sponsored with Commonweal)

      Robert Ellsberg, “Saints for Today and Everyday”

      Fr. Nabil Haddad, “Catholic-Muslim Relations: a view from Jordan,” co-sponsored with World Affairs Series


      Thomas Chapman, “Immigration Reform: Competing Rights and Difficult Questions”


      Christine Whelan, “The Difficulty of Dating in a Hook-Up Culture.”

      John Donaghy, “Honduras in Crisis: A View from the Rural Poor.”

      Immaculee Illibagiza, “Surviving the Rwandan Genocide: Immaculee’s Story of Faith, Hope and Forgiveness.”


      peter Kreeft, “The Problem of Evil” Co-sponsored with Veritas Forum

      Tom Cordaro, “Be Not Afraid, An Alternative to the War on Terror”

      Alan Hartway, C.PP.S., “Catholicism and Buddhism: Eastern and Western Spiritualities in Dialogue”


      David Nantais, “Rock and Roll Testimony: Finding the Sacred in Guitar, Bass and Drums”   

      Co-Sponsored Mary Poplin, “Radical Marxist, Radical Feminist, Radical Love: What I Learned from Mother Teresa” with Veritas Forum

      Martha Hennessy, “Dorothy Day: Inspiration for the 21st Century Radical”


      Shane Claiborne, “Living as an Ordinary Radical”

      Catholic Coalition on Climate Change, “Sun Come Up” Documentary and Discussion. Featuring Dr. Anne Clifford CSJ, Dr. Cinzia Cervato and Dr. Clark Wolf.


      Jennifer Roback Morse, “It Takes A Family to Raise a Village”

      Paul L. Maier, “The Real Jesus: New Evidence from History and Archeology” co-sponsored with the Veritas Forum

      Peter Cardinal Turkson, canceled.


      George Weigel, “The Catholic Church in the 21st Century: New Directions, Ancient Convictions.” Cosponsored by Archdiocese of Dubuque

      Mary Beth Ingham, CSJ, “Beauty, Abundance, and Environmental Action in the Franciscan Tradition.”

      Charles Bobertz, “Where does the Bible Come From?”


     Christian Smith, “Souls in Transition, Understanding the Religious and Spiritual Lives of College-Age Americans”     

     Rebecca Berru Davis, “Engaging Art for Justice”


      Mary Healy, “How to Interpret the Bible”

      Robert Spitzer, SJ, “Is There Evidence of God from Contemporary Science?”


     Kimberly Belcher, "Ritual Time: Escaping the Cult of Busy"

     Kathleen Cahalan, "Called to Lives of Meaning and Purpose: A New Approach to Vocation"


     Jim Ennis- "Why Rural Life Matters"

Supple Chair lectures

Jaime Vidal, “Pierre Teilhard de Chardin: Integrating Faith and Evolution,” February 24, 1988

Jaime Vidal, “Images of St. Francis Through the Ages,” February 9, 1999

David Hunter, “Christian Marriage in the Roman World: Accomadations and Transformations,” February 8, 2000

David Hunter, “A Reluctant heretic: Jovinian and the Early Christian Debate on Marriage,” March 11, 2002

David Hunter, Rabbi David Kaufman, Pastor Zeke Pipher, “The Passion of the Christ – A Forum," March 7, 2004

David Hunter, “Priestly Celibacy in the Catholic Church: Origins, History, and Future,” April 12, 2004

David Hunter, “The DaVinci Code and the New Anti-Catholicism,” April 11, 2005

Anne Clifford, “Does Darwinian Evolution Challenge Catholic Theology of the Human Person?” March 30, 2009

Anne Clifford, “Catholicism on Eco-justice,” March 31, 2010

Anne Clifford, “Who Do You Say I Am? Jesus Christ as Seen through His Closest Relationships,” April 4, 2011

Anne Clifford, “Wangari Maathai and the Green Belt Movement,” March 26, 2012

Anne Clifford, “The Second Vatican Council and Pope John XXIII’s Commitment to Religious Unity,” October 1, 2013

Anne Clifford, “A Pope Named Francis and His Witness to Love,” November 10, 2014

Anne Clifford, “The Encyclical of Pope Francis on Ecology,” September 15, 2015

Anne Clifford, “Catholicsm and Islam: Seeking Deeper Understanding,” September 27, 2016

Anne Clifford, “Racial Equality and Catholic Social Teaching,” November 6, 2017

Anne Clifford, "Catholic Bishops of Mexico and the United States on Immigration," October 24, 2018