ISU Scholarships Available

The following Iowa State University scholarships are available on an annual basis.

St. Jude Scholarships, $1,500 (7 available) – For full time juniors and seniors studying on campus in Ames for the entire academic year. Awarded on the basis of past and future service to the STA community.  The hope of the selection committee is that the scholarship will help a candidate contribute time to the STA community that might otherwise have to be spent generating funds for school expenses. Other considerations are the perceived Christian commitment of the candidate, GPA, and need; in that order. This scholarship was established by William "Bill" Chambers who died in 2016. It has also received many contributions from others to support the building of the scholarship endowment. See the entertaining back story here.

Hemann Scholarships, $1,500 (3 available) – For full time students who are actively discerning a call to lay, religious and/or ordained ministry, demonstrated by service to the STA community and participation in discernment retreats, groups and other activities. This scholarship was established in memory of Rev. Everett "Fr. Ev" Hemann, who died in 2011. 

Stritzel/Homer Scholarships, $1,000 (1 each available) –For Agronomy and Mathematics Majors. Any scholarships not taken by same would be available to other majors taking at least one course in either of these respective disciplines. The Homer scholarship was established by retired ISU mathematics professor Roger Homer, in honor of his wife Annette. Roger died in 2017. The Strizel scholarship was established by retired ISU agronomy professor Joseph "Joe" Stritzel, who you will see in the pews at 8:30 mass every week!

Who is eligible?

1. Any Catholic student in good standing registered at STA and enrolled at ISU.

2. Participates in a spiritual or temporal activity at STA beyond Mass attendance.

3. Has and maintains a GPA of 2.7 or better.

4. Demonstrates a degree of financial need.

Applications are due by 11:59pm on the second Friday in April. Direct questions to the Director of Campus Ministry. Scholarships are given half in the Fall, the other half in the Spring. Recipients will be notified before the end of the spring semester. Click here for the scholarship application.

Image of St. Jude - patron of St. Jude Scholars