Antioch Retreat

Fall 2020: October 24-25, 2020

Spring 2021: March 27-28, 2021

Register here by October 16

Get away and encounter God in nature, through speakers, in small groups, and through others. Cost is $50. Retreat begins at 9am on Saturday until 8pm Sunday. Emily Heupel (, Connor Gorton ( or Emily ( with questions.


Magis Retreat

Spring 2021: TBD

Magis Retreat: A silent retreat focusing on knowing you are Beloved and listening to God in silence in everyday life. Retreat facilitated by Mary Jo Pfeifer Wulf and Gary T. Guthrie , long time St Thomas members and trained Spiritual Directors.

Magis (mah-gis) means "more" or "greater." Saint Ignatius of Loyola used this word to describe how authentic Christianity fosters a deeper connection with Christ and more zeal in serving others. Students are invited to the Magis Retreat held at St. Thomas from 7pm on Friday, February 7 to the evening of Saturday, February 8. This will be a silent retreat will provide long periods of time for personal prayer puncuated by talks given by local spiritual directors. Saturday will be a day of silence broken with mass at 4:45 that evening. This is a time to grow in depth in your relationship with Jesus so that you might be poured out to share Christ with the world. No matter your experience with prayer, this is for you! You will sleep in your own homes and come back in the morning for the retreat. Meals for Saturday are included. Cost is $25. Contact with questions


New Student Retreat

Fall 2021: TBD

This is a retreat for all new students to ISU at the beginning of Fall semester. This is a great way to meet new people, form community, and find your home at St. Thomas! There are talks by older students, adoration, small group discussions, and lots of fun!  Contact with questions!