FOCUS Missionary Team

We are pleased to announce that we are partnering with Fellowship of Catholic University Students (FOCUS) to provide a missionary team to our campus beginning in 2017-2018. This team of four will work in conjunction with our campus ministry team and student leaders to expand our ministry further onto campus to reach those who have not yet embraced Jesus as the center of their lives.

What do FOCUS Missionaries do, day-to-day? 

We invite college students into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ and his Church; inspiring them and equipping them for a life time of Christ centered friendship, evangelization, and discipleship in which the lead others to do the same.

Divine Intimacy:

  • Lead students to a deeper encounter with Jesus Christ and his church through formation and facilitation of encounter in prayer and sacraments
  • Share the gospel both in word and deed (1 Thes 2:8: Being so affectionately desirous of you; we shared with you not only the gospel of God but our very selves as well; so dearly beloved you had become to us)
  • Share the gospel through the particular lens of the giving culture
  • Be a living witness while accompanying

Authentic Friendship: A shared life

  • Invites students in to community, small groups and discipleships

Accompaniment: Pass on a way of life through a shared life with students

  • Vision for Spiritual Multiplication
  • Teach students how to evangelize to their peers
  • Teach students how to communicate vision to reach the world for Christ in one lifetime
  • Model and teach: everything we teach in word, demonstrate in life (day to day Christian living, small groups, sharing the gospel, discipleship formation, presenting testimonies)


FOCUS Missionaries

L to R: Thomas Goris, Kate Phelps, Sophie Albert, Lex York, Joe Heyrman

Kate Phelps, Greek, Team Director (

Sophie Albert (

Joe Heyrman (

Lex York


Thomas Goris, Greek (