Parents of College Students at ISU

Since 1947, St. Thomas Aquinas Church and Catholic Student Center has been a spiritual "home away from home" for Iowa State University students. Our faith community has been blessed by the unique gifts and personalities of each student who join our parish community. The Alumni Relations and Development office desires to stay in contact with the parents and families of Iowa State University Catholic students.

The young adult and college years offer experiences for students to search and define their personal and Catholic identity, explore questions and life challenges,and develop life-long habits. Students are vulnerable to many influences during these growing years. We provide "Christ" in action as we spiritually walk with todays student in his life journey.

As a university parish, we offer an inviting and supportive atmosphere for students to worship, learn, socialize and serve. We are convinced students discover and develop relationships not only with our priests and staff, but with our resident parishioners as well.

Additionally, St. Thomas Aquinas campus ministry programs offer opportunities for ministry and leadership development to serve society and the Church today and in the future. For more information regarding the numerous offerings, please visit the Campus Ministry page.

We encourage parents to support our efforts. We expose students to the opportunity for Catholic community fellowship, community service, faith and leadership formation. For more information on ways to support St. Thomas Aquinas, please visit Support St. Thomas Aquinas.

Not only is your son or daughter invited to join the St. Thomas Aquinas student community, you are invited to visit and discover why many students and alumni consider this their spiritual home away from home," during their Iowa State University years.