Father Jon Seda

515-292-1192 (M)

Father Aaron Junge

Associate Pastor
Campus Minister
319-651-8398 (M)

Tom Budnik

Coordinator of Ministries

Shari Reilly

Director of Campus Ministry
515-509-6851 (M)

Joe Weyers

Director of Evangelization
630-557-9769 (M)

Joe Leisz

Development Director
515-291-4402 (M)

Jen Weyers

Faith Formation Coordinator
630-557-9769 (M)

Brenda Neppel

Marriage Preparation
515-290-8696 (H)

Emily Klaus

Campus Minister
563-920-6672 (M)

Bobby LeBlanc

Business Manager
515-708-2861 (M)

Net Larson

Financial Secretary

Anna Kaminski

Director of Youth Ministry
Ames Catholic Youth Ministry
515-233-3092 (W)

Zeke Mientkiewicz

Coordinator of Middle School Youth Ministry
515-233-3092 (W)

Steve Borton


Peer Ministers

The St. Thomas peer ministers are ISU students who offer hospitality, organize events, assisted with ministries, get the word out about STA to other students, and take care of lots of other things as they come up. They are also here for other students to have people their age to talk to who go through similar situations. There are 3 peer ministers that live in the apartment and are available to talk.