From a mother of an ISU student


Here's my story, I think it's one applicable for we consider the support for LGBT rights.

We married 28 years ago. No group was standing in our way in 1984 as we were crazy head over heels in love while students at the University of Minnesota. We chose to get married because we believe marriage elevates the level of commitment in a relationship. We made a promise to love and honor each other and the God we seek.


Yes. God gave us 3 beautiful sons, 1 straight, 2 of which are gay and I give thanks to Him every day that He did.


Because God, my husband, and my 3 sons continue to teach me about life! We laugh, we celebrate; but together we also support each other and look deeper at tough issues, like sexual orientation. They also teach me patience. I believe my 3 sons are created perfectly in God's image.

As parents, we've raised our 3 sons with the exact same morals, values, boundaries and love. EQUAL.

We're all sinners

We're all broken

We are not perfect

Unfortunately we still live in a world that hates, oppresses, bullies, beats and even murders people because of their sexual orientation.  Hypocrisy is the state of promoting or administering virtues, moral or religious beliefs, principles etc. that one does not actually have or is guilty of violating. So when we judge others and marginalize them and prevent them from having a meaningful life, we are not acting as God wishes us to act.

One day this may mean more to you than it does today. If you don't personally know anyone who happens to be born with an attraction to the same sex, I believe you will. This boy or girl, man or woman may one day be your child, cousin, neighbor, colleague, caregiver, priest, minister, they continue to have the courage to come out, I pray that you will come to know and love them just as I do.

I'm grateful my children are born in their generation, not mine. I pray every day that God will open the eyes and hearts of all of us to love and embrace, not divide.


...and from his grandmother, who loves him unconditionally


BELONGING. How important this is for every human being to feel loved and part of a family, community, or group that will make them feel whole and have self worth.

Often this is lost when a person is different from what many feel is the right, or normal way to be. In the past few years being gay has come to the attention of all of society. Years ago, when I was young we hardly thought about these differences. That was not good and probably made it so very hard for the persons experiencing this.

We have a large family, counting 50 and growing with the up-coming weddings and great grandchildren. We have 2 grandsons who are gay. They stated they never would have chosen this, if they had a choice. They are wonderful young men, loving, great with children, good to their elders-very caring human beings. Their parents and sibling have been supportive since they were told. Also this large extended family has given them loving support. I look at our grandsons and remember who they were when they were younger, and before "I knew" and they are the same special persons that they were before I knew of their different sexual orientation.

We are the ones who need to decide who we are and how we want to be seen in God's eyes. They didn't change---they are the same grandsons, and we love them very much.

We support them and pray they will find happiness and peace in their future. We do not fully comprehend why each of us, created by God, is so unique. We need to put our trust in Him and let Him do the judging, not us.