Being Catholic is who I am



So much is lost because we are afraid.

---Rev. William D. Cotton
Retired Methodist pastor


From a recent alumna of ISU

Here's my story!!

I believe in treating everyone the way you would like to be treated. We are all made in God's image and He does not make mistakes. Based on friends' experiences, I don't believe that it is a choice to be gay and the LGBT community should not face the discrimination that they do.

I had a friend from my high school choir come out to me during my freshman year of college. I just remember thinking that even though I had always felt that it is against the Catholic belief, I knew that I wasn't going to stop being friends with anyone because of that. My friends are my friends first, if they're gay or straight, that isn't a factor. Later on, my best friend from home also came out to me when I was a junior in college. Because his parents are very conservative when it comes to that, I was always available so that he could vent about anything that was going on with them and I wanted to encourage him and support him in who he was meant to be.

I really like being Catholic, but I know many people have left the church because of the stance on gay people. I really struggled because for a while, I felt like I couldn't completely be happy for my friends or be completely Catholic, but I wanted to be both. I decided that being Catholic is who I am even if sometimes I may not ascribe to all the beliefs I'm supposed to. It's who I am. I decided that it is my main duty as a Catholic not to judge and to be accepting of everyone because everyone is worthy of human dignity. We are all brothers and sisters in God.