How Do You Refer Someone to Stephen Ministry?


Making referrals helps connect care receivers to Stephen Ministers, in caring relationships!

● Any parishioner may identify another person whom they feel would benefit from a Stephen Minister.

●Steps for making a referral:

1) Suggest Stephen Ministry to a fellow parishioner who is facing a life challenge or difficulty. (See Suggesting Stephen Ministry)

2) Once the parishioner agrees to talk to a Stephen Leader more about having a Stephen Minister, contact a leader: Sue Osweiler, 515-709-0021 or Anne Schmitt, 515-291-8257.  Be prepared to provide the person’s contact information and briefly share about the potential care receiver’s situation.

3) After making the referral, the rest of the process is confidential.  You can trust that a Stephen Leader will follow up with the parishioner whom you have referred; they will determine together whether Stephen Ministry is the “right fit” for him/her.

● Learn more about the importance of Stephen Ministers through care receivers telling their stories