St. Jude Scholars



Since 1977, the St. Jude Scholarship Trust has reached an annual average of $250,000.  This amount allows us to offer seven scholarships in the amount of $1,500 annually to Iowa State University juniors and seniors.  Applications are typically accepted in April for the following academic year.  See the application for more information.  


Enjoy the back story below!  It tells the story of the first and primary donor.  One note: since the renovation of the church during which the gathering space was built, the St. Jude shrine was moved to the upper pathway balcony overlooking the gathering space.  Students can sit on a couch at the feet of St. Jude, and experience his intercession as they study for exams, work on papers or pray in a serene space.

St. Jude Scholarship Backstory:

     While I (the major donor) was in school at ISU I dated several girls as most college boys will do.  It seems that I had difficulty getting too friendly with Catholic girls.  One girl, we'll call her Mary, was on my mind for three of the four years in school and we dated on and off over that time period.  I thought she was special, but she was not a Catholic.

     I graduated in 1955 as an Ensign in the US Navy and reported for duty in San Diego, California.  During my first year in the Navy Mary and I communicated periodiocally.  She graduated in 1956.  After graduation she told me that she was going to vist her aunt in the Los Angeles area and would be there for a while.  My ship had returned from the tour to Japan and we were moored in the San Francisco bay area when I learned that she would be in Los Angeles so we wrote or talked and I made plans to visit her which I did.

     During that visit, I told her of my feelings toward her and asked her to marry me.  She expressed similar feelings toward me, however, could not overcome the feelings she had about Catholics.  She did suggest, however, that I call on one of her sorority sisters, Lisa, who had moved to San Francisco.  My visit ended; I was disappointed but figured that life will go on as I returned to my ship in the Bay area.

     I did call Lisa and made a date to visit her sometime later.  She had two roommates, each of which worked for a different stock brokerage firm in the City.  There was no chemistry between me and any of these girls, however, I loved them all like sisters and visited them in San Francisco many many times.  During one of these visits they introduced me to St. Dominic’s basilica in San Francisco.

     The priests there were great but they also had a statue and devotions to St. Jude.  Since I was still in the Navy but soon to be discharged, I kept thinking about a career after the Navy which kept bringing me back to St. Jude at St. Dominic’s.  Through the prayers and the influence of the two girls living with Lisa I began to explore the stock brokerage business as well as taking the necessary steps to remain in the Navy as an aviator, if that was my final choice.

     I chose the stock brokerage business and was hired by a firm for their office in San Jose, California.  I never forgot the role I believed that St. Jude played in my decisions.

     In the late 1960’s, still having good feelings about Fr. Supple, I talked with him about doing something at St. Thomas Aquinas to honor St. Jude and I started sending him some money so that he could save it and we would decide what was the best way to go.  I have never known a priest who could help you save money and Supple was no exception.  He put it in the collection and I helped the church.  I quit sending him the money and kept saving it myself.

     In 1971 I approached him again about a St. Jude shrine which he agreed would be a good thing for St. Thomas.  We held an artists’ competition to determine who would design the image of St. Jude.  Peter Lupori from St. Catherine’s College in St. Paul won.  The image was created and put in a face to face confessional (which was also used as a conference room) with a plaque honoring my parents. 

     I kept saving the money after the St. Jude shrine was built and working with Fr. Supple we created the St. Jude Scholarship trust on April 25, 1977 with a total of $9,718.07.  That fall we granted two scholarships from 50 applicants, each for $250.  They received them in the fall of 1977.