From My Experience


letters from LGBT Catholics, their families, and their allies

We began this project in Fall 2012 by asking people at St. Thomas about their experiences with LGBT issues. We sought to understand more about the barriers faced by people who declare themselves gay and who want to be active in the Catholic community. So we asked...

1.     What would you like to tell us?

2.     At what time in your life did LGBT issues become important? Why?

3.     What has been the most difficult part of your personal journey in coming to terms with accepting yourself or your family member or friend or co-worker?

4.     Where have you found support?

5.     How does your personal story articulate with your Catholic faith?

6.     What would you like to have the official/institutional Catholic Church do to make you feel welcome?

7.     What would you like to have St. Thomas Parish do to make you feel welcome?

8.     Where do you feel "at home,” i.e., safe, peaceful, loved?

9.     What do you need in your life right now?

10. Anything else you would like to say?

Here are the answers we received. We hope by reading these letters you understand more fully the issues facing LGBT persons as they try to become a viable part of our Catholic community. We will continue to post letters from allies and from LGBT persons to shed light on the LGBT Catholic at St. Thomas Aquinas Church and Catholic Student Center. If you wish to contribute a letter, please submit letters by e-mail or U.S. postal service to Don or Mary Ellen Wishart, 4021 Arkansas Drive, Ames, IA 50014 

As with the letters posted here, all are anonymous.


We have a brochure available at St. Thomas, compiled by Belonging, which lists the names of people who seek to make our community more inclusive. If you would like to have your name added to this list, please contact Don or Mary Ellen Wishart at

God Bless Everyone! No exceptions (STA Bulletin July 1, 2012)